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Golang Craftsperson Full-time

Published at 2020-06-05 - Viewed: 2593 times - Lightmeter in Berlin, Germany

Please note: this position is full time and in Berlin (not remote). We don't use agencies, ever.

We build "Lightmeter" which is reinventing email infrastructure. Following 3 years of research and 6 months of teamwork Lightmeter Control Center is taking shape as the all-in-one mailserver automation tool for all kinds of mail. It's fully Open Source. Read about us on Zdnet or Heise. Recently we were recognised as part of the 'Next Generation Internet' by the European Commission.

Our mission is to enable the next generation of decentralised universal communication, with autonomous servers accessible to all.

Lightmeter has ambitious goals and our team is growing to meet them. You're the Software Engineer we're looking for if you're collaborative, mission motivated, creative, persistent, and disciplined. (So far, so good?)

You love solving complex problems — both internally and for our users — and know what it means to build a mature, evolving product. You are more focused on the outcome than on the output of your work, and prefer to deliver something useful sooner rather than something perfect later. You welcome feedback, and are curious about user jobs and how to complete them. You demand a lot from your colleagues and expect the same in return, taking personal pride in collective achievement.

Requirements (these are real, actual requirements)

• You must live in Berlin most of the time, so we can meet up and work together sometimes
• You must have at least five years working in the software industry, of which at least four as a software engineer.
• You must have experience working in cross-functional teams. And we really mean that cross-functional part — in other words working directly with designers, quality assurance, product managers, or other related roles.

That’s a super-brief intro to what you’ll be working on. But first, you need to know if you’ll even like working with us. Let’s talk about life at Lightmeter and then we’ll go into detail about what we’re looking for.

We’re an early-stage startup, funded, pre-revenue, and growing. We are owned and managed by our Founders. Making sustainable, profitable products with a committment to openness is hard; we're demonstrating how it's done. If you care deeply about digital freedom, empowerment, and collaboration, you'll probably fit right in!

Who you’d be working with

One luxuary of being an early-stage team is that you get to work directly with everyone. That said, you'll be reporting to Sam, our CEO. He gets easily excited about engineering patterns and workflows, and likes bright colours and vocal house music.

You'd work along side Lead Developer Leandro, who calls himself a Software Craftsman, and who others call a Software Philosopher. Leandro has deeply held unfashionable beliefs like "all code should be fast and light", and cares more about design patterns than what language he's coding in. He love the outdoors and pines for the mountains.

Suela is our Product Manager and x-ray seer of quality and value. She has a nack of turning our telescopes around, pointing out better perspectives, opportunities, and efficiencies. She's an Open Source fangirl and community organiser of the OpenLabs Hackerspace, and secretly learning Python so she can make bot-clones of herself. Just kidding!

How You’ll Work at Lightmeter
We work hard to make working here a great experience, and have a
team of truly exceptional people—the kind you’ll be excited to work with.

Here’s how we operate

No Crazy Hours
You'll very rarely work more than 40 hours per week, unless you really want to. Ocassionally things can heat up, but noones going to force you to work more than is comfortable. When you do work overtime you balance it out with time off afterwards. We work hard and smart, planning carefully, but we’re in this for the long haul: sustainability trumps anything short term.

Face time and alone time
Most of us have worked fully remote before and miss the benefits of face time, so we like to work together a lot of the time. However focused time alone, in cafes or home-office is nice too, so we aim for a good mix. So long as you can reach the people you need, when you need them, and vice versa, your preferences for office vs remote work shouldn't be an issue.

Take Vacation
A small team means it's easy to coordinate time off to relax and recharge. Notice you'll be away a week in advance is usually enough.

Up Your Game
We’re serious about helping you improve your craft. Everyone wins when you get better and your job, and enjoy the process. Think conferences, online courses and subscriptions, dedicated time away from work to learn something new.

Compensation and Legal

We can't currently offer you a salary to compete with Amazon or Microsoft. What we can offer you is the same salary that we are paying ourselves: €2,500 net, equivalent to around €40,000 / year. Share options are negotiable. To start with you'll have the legal status of a freelancer, and will transition to a full time employee later this year.

What our tech stack looks like

• Golang
• SQLite
• A little Python
• A little JS
• Network intelligence big data
• Check out our repos:

Recommended skills

• Golang
• Git with large and distributed teams
• Linux (desktop and server) and tools such as make, SSH and shell scripting
• Docker and related technologies

Ideal skills

• Development of high performance, distributed systems
• Email related technologies, such as SMTP and Postfix
• Python
• (A little) Javascript
• Standard crypto libraries and principles
• Continuous integration / delivery
• Interest in learning (and teaching!) Rust is welcome

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