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FP(F#)/build/C#/.NET/Desktop/Mobile/SmartContracts/WebAssembly engineers Part-time

Published at 2020-07-02 - Viewed: 1996 times - [Stealth Startup] (Worldwide/Remote)

Sorry for the vague description but I can tell you more about the product we're building when you apply. Hopefully I can attract you in a sufficient way with our tech stack! (see below). [NOTE: this is not a pie-in-the-sky venture, you would be joining a team who has a 1.5+year-old working product, with prospects of new greenfield products built around the first.]

Job positions:

- Build engineer: you are a Linux-er who has some past experience building deb or rpm packages, are excited about reproducible builds, and are willing to learn (if you don't already know) new things such as snap or flatpak. gitlabCI and/or githubActions is a plus. (Might do some DevOps work after we come out of stealth mode as well; with Pulumi and RedHat's OpenShift.)

- C#/.NET developer: generics, LINQ, VisualStudio, EntityFramework et al are your bread and butter. You value the diversity that comes from learning other languages and tech-stacks but also the stability that a robust platform like .NET provides, which you based your career on. Desirable to be familiar with Xamarin, but not required. F# is a plus.

- Rust developer: you dealt with C/C++/Objective-C in the past but are ready to move on. However, you're still not convinced about garbage collected languages, so you have been looking at Rust lately, or willing to learn it. You're not a smart-ass though, so you would be excited to expose your Rust code's API to be consumed by higher level languages.

- FP developer: you value immutability and lack of side effects because you have lived the nightmares of race conditions and heisenbugs in your career. You're disgusted with most job positions out there because the tech-stack described in most of them don't look safe enough to be serious (sure they can build snapchats with them, but not robust software that would end up being used by NASA or Waymo). Desirable to be familiar with F#.

- Desktop/mobile developer: you cringe at the idea of "Electron apps", because you think native frameworks like QT or gtk+ give much power and maintainability (plus, performance aside, javascript is a joke in any other aspect too). But you also understand why garbage-collected languages are safer and more productive than low-level ones, and there are many of these much more decent than JS. (gtk is preferred for this position at the moment; or someone willing to switch)

- SmartContracts/blockchain developer: you've used/developed smart contracts in languages such as Ivy, MiniScript, or Solidity(EVM), or are willing to learn this technology. Desirable to have familiarity with atomic swaps, HTLCs or zero knowledge proofs. Excited about things like bitcoin-lightning, ethereum, mimblewimble/grin, DAI, etc

- Browser-extension developer: you would be interested in diving into the world of WebAssembly to create a similar opensource plugin like the UI of MetaMask (ideally this work should be compatible with Brave, Chrome/Chromium, and Firefox).

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