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Software Engineer (H/F/X) Part-time

Published at 2021-07-15 - Viewed: 2149 times - Coop IT Easy in Belgium

Coop IT Easy

Coop IT Easy is a worker cooperative with a social purpose. Our mission is to provide actors of the social economy with professional and open source IT management tools. Thanks to this cooperative, we support projects that work towards a fairer, more united and more sustainable world.

The idea of the cooperative was born from the BEES coop’s IT unit and then developed through COOPCITY’s Seeds program. The adventure started with four people: Virginie, Houssine, Robin and Rémy. The team then grew with the arrival of Vincent, Grégoire and Catherine.

Is this where you join the adventure?

Job description

As a Software Engineer, you will be in charge of

  • Designing, extending and maintaining Odoo modules used by our customers based on the specifications built by the analysts,
  • developing new modules for new projects,
  • ensuring the first line technical support,
  • ensuring the quality of developments,
  • reviewing the PR of colleagues,
  • contributing to the Odoo open source community (Odoo Community Association),
  • ensuring a technological and functional watch on Odoo and its ecosystem.

As a system administrator, you will be in charge with the infrastructure team of

  • maintaining the deployment and management tools of the infrastructure,
  • automating deployments and maintenance on our servers,
  • making Odoo hosting more efficient and reliable,
  • dealing with any breakdowns concerning the infrastructure.

Profile required

It is essential to master

  • Python and its frameworks under Linux,
  • Linux server administration (security, scripting, maintenance, monitoring),
  • Python development tools,
  • unit test design,
  • relational databases and the SQL language,
  • continuous integration environments,
  • JavaScript language,
  • Git

Ideally, you are familiar with

  • Odoo development,
  • PostgreSQL administration (fine tuning, configuration, HA),
  • setting up and managing containers under Docker
  • administration of continuous integration servers (Jenkins, Travis, Gitlab CI),
  • Runbot,
  • contribution to open-source projects,
  • participatory governance principles.

If, in addition, you have a basic knowledge of web development (JavaScript framework, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS) and UI/UX, that’s great.

Finally, it is essential that you adhere to the values of the cooperative movement and the goals of Coop IT Easy:

  • To provide the social economy with free IT tools,
  • To make these tools affordable and accessible,
  • To give meaning to the work of the cooperators,
  • Demonstrate that a cooperation between customers and providers is possible,
  • To promote the use of free software,
  • Supporting free software projects.

We are looking for a colleague for at least 4/5th.

Join the cooperative

Coop IT Easy is managed democratically by its members according to the principle “one person = one vote”. After a probation period of 6 months, you will be proposed to take part in the cooperative and thus in its management. During these first 6 months, you will be accompanied in order to understand the strategic and financial stakes of the cooperative and thus take an active and responsible part in its governance.

Beyond your development job, you will be able – if you wish – to get involved in other aspects of the cooperative’s life. For example, Robin is in charge of inter-cooperation with other cooperatives, Houssine is in charge of recruitment and networking, Virginie is in charge of day-to-day management, and many other mandates are distributed among us.

We organize the internal functioning thanks to collective intelligence tools during daily and monthly meetings, GAs and greening. We tend towards pragmatic practices of self-management.

Coop IT Easy’s offices are in Saint-Gilles (Brussel/Belgium). Before covid, we usually teleworked one day a week. At the moment, we telework all week.

Contact To apply, send your CV and a cover letter to

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