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Bilingual Software Engineer (Japanese/English) Full-time

Published at 2022-06-01 - Viewed: 744 times - Mathesar (Worldwide/Remote)

About us

Mathesar is an open source project to provide an intuitive interface to databases that anyone can host on their own server. We make it easy for non-technical users to create, organize, and analyze data collaboratively, without any prior knowledge of database concepts.

We started prototyping the project in March 2021 and are working towards our first (alpha) release in summer 2022. Although you can’t see Mathesar in action yet, this video of Dabble DB will give you an idea of the ease of use we’re aiming for.

Our core team is small and globally distributed. We work asynchronously, value thoughtfulness and curiosity, and practice work/life balance. Our advisors include Joi Ito and Reid Hoffman. Our work is public – look through our code, read our project and team wiki, and join our communication channels.

About the position

The Chiba Institute of Technology’s Henkaku Center aims to have Mathesar available to Japanese-speaking users by the end of 2022. This involves planning out and building infrastructure for localizing the Mathesar user interface and documentation. Your primary responsibility will be completing that project. You’ll also work closely with the Mathesar core team on building other functionality into the product.

In addition, you will be the Mathesar team’s primary representative at the Henkaku Center. You’ll collaborate with our colleagues at the Center to establish a Japanese community around Mathesar. This will involve participating in the Center’s activities, organizing or attending meetups and hackathons, and finding opportunities to collaborate with other projects.

Your responsibilities

  • Planning out both backend and frontend technical architecture for the localization infrastructure project
  • Writing code to implement localization and internationalization related features, using
    • Svelte and TypeScript for the frontend
    • Python for the backend
  • Setting up a translation pipeline using a service like Transifex to:
    • automatically send new text to translators
    • automatically include new translated text into new releases of Mathesar
  • Collaborating with our designer to identify and fix design issues with localized UI
  • Creating and implementing a plan to localize product documentation
  • Improving Mathesar by building new features and fixing bugs as needed
  • Occasionally attending video calls between 12:00-15:30 UTC (21:00-23:30 JST) for:
    • meetings focused on a specific agenda
    • team events
  • Helping with community building work (especially in Japan), including:
    • participating in CIT Henkaku Center activities
    • organizing or attending meetups and hackathons
    • finding opportunities to collaborate with other projects and organizations
    • writing documentation
    • working directly with Japanese-speaking users

About you

  • You’re an excellent communicator in both Japanese and English,
    • you can explain ideas quickly, clearly, and comprehensively in writing
    • you are verbally fluent
  • You have strong JavaScript development skills
    • You are proficient in one or more modern JS frameworks
  • You are experienced with Python
  • You are deeply familiar with the work involved in maintaining a large production codebase
  • You’re confident in your ability to plan and implement well-designed localization and internationalization infrastructure from scratch
  • You proactively identify and resolve requirements that are not well-defined
  • You are thoughtful about everything that goes into a great user experience when you build software
  • You’re curious and enjoy learning new things
  • You’re interested in actively participating in an open source community

What to expect from the hiring process

  • First, you’ll fill out an application form with a few project-specific questions
  • We’ll review applications on a rolling basis and either:
    • contact you to schedule an introductory interview, or
    • let you know we will not be interviewing you
  • If the introductory interview goes well, we will schedule an asynchronous coding task. This will involve a few hours of your time.
  • If the coding task goes well, we will schedule a technical interview
  • If the technical interview goes well, we will schedule one or two more interviews with other members of the team
  • We’ll make our final decision and let you know the outcome

Compensation and benefits

This is a 1-year contract position. Our compensation is based on a competitive rate for the US nonprofit sector.

How to Apply

Please email jobs [AT] mathesar [DOT] org with your resume and cover letter in PDF format. Emails without a cover letter will be ignored.

Emails from recruiters and agencies will also be ignored.

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