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Software Developer (Python, Containers, Git, git-annex, ...) in Neuroscience Full-time

Published at 2022-09-30 - Viewed: 1840 times - Center for Open Neuroscience, Department of Psychological Sciences, Dartmouth College in United States

In a nutshell: "": develops a range of solutions used in neuroscience and beyond. See "our projects page": for a list of projects we are working on, where work is available for nearly any of them. E.g. consider "DataLad": which was initially inspired by Debian as a unified distribution for software, and git-annex (developed by Joey Hess, a former Debian Developer, the original author of debian-installer, debhelper etc) to provide unified data access to disconnected data hosting portals.

Since its inception in 2013, DataLad became not only a distribution but also a complete Data Management platform. Through all these years, we have been actively collaborating with Joey Hess so lots of work was done directly at git-annex level, so we do not re-invent the wheel in DataLad and so that there is benefit to the wider git-annex based ecosystem of solutions. Both "principle investigators" of the DataLad (me and Michael Hanke) are Debian developers, and we strive to ensure that DataLad and its dependencies are properly integrated within Debian.

Another project - "DANDI archive": - the BRAIN Initiative archive for neurophysiology data, hosting now over 300TB of data. And (surprise not) - all of it is also available through DataLad (see "":

And another project is "ReproNim": under umbrella of which we develop various solutions to make neuroimaging more reproducible and efficient. Containerization and efficient reproducible execution is one of the most important aspects, and thus see a sample "product" - "ReproNim/containers": - a DataLad dataset full of singularity containers.

So, if you like Git, interested in git-annex, verse in Python, interested in any or all of the above, and may be interested to assist with packaging etc -- this position might be a great fit for you. Work is collaborative with colleagues around a number of institutions (MIT, UMass, Juelich Research) and companies (Kitware). Please consider and apply at or reach out if you have more questions.

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