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IT Security Consultant for multi factor authentication Full-time

Published at 2022-11-14 - Viewed: 1992 times - NetKnights GmbH in Germany

Our mission

At NetKnights we believe that proprietary solutions for multi-factor authentication are inflexible and make companies dependent.
That is why we are developing the open source solution privacyIDEA for secure user authentication that we freely share with the world.
We support our customers in using this solution. This way they are independent and always have full control over their login processes and data.

Become a NetKnight – become a multi factor expert in Open Source

We are looking for you as a consultant to run projects with new customers.

Your main task is to record the requirements for multi-factor authentication at customers and to implement privacyIDEA.

You will conduct customer sessions on your own and independently.
You coordinate your appointments independently and attend the consulting meeting once a week.

How do you get there? – The onboarding

During the first weeks or months you will accompany colleagues at support, at the development and also at sales. This way you will be able to understand, what we are developing and which benefits we provide to the customers.

Your goals

Start by takting single, small steps. Depening on your learning capability

  • You will be able to work on simple standard setups like securing remote access via VPN/Firewalls and the RADIUS protocol.
  • Later you will dive into scenarios with Windows Login using the privacyIDEA Credential Provider.
  • Finally you will be able to work on rather complex scenarios adding 2nd factors to Web Single Sign on with IdPs like Keycloak and automated processes using more complex privacyIDEA policies, event handlers and scripts.

As a consultant you are the first face to the customer. You will also attend conferences and customer events.

What does it take?

Although we try to do an excessive onboarding you should bring some technical skills, social attributes and personal values.

Technical skills

You should have some unterstanding in the following areas: Linux, LDAP, AD, Mutli Factor Authentication, VPN, Firewall, SSO, SQL databases.

Your character

Are you equipped with a load of sociability and do you prefer an independent working style?
Are you solution oriented or rather loving the details?
Do you provide inititive and is your work driven by curiosity?

Your values

Probably the most important question is, if your personal values match with the NetKnights and the idea of privacyIDEA.

You should love Open Source and you should see the sense in privacy.
You should value reliability and a sense of duty.

Start today!

The great thing about working with NetKnights on the Open Source solution privacyIDEA is, that you are working with real Open Source that is ment to stay and that competes with the big players.

You will become an expert in your field. You are not supposed to do or to know everything. No, you are the multi factor expert!
This way you know what to expect next week. What to expect when going to the customer session.

You get appreciation from boss and colleagues. You have freedom of action.
You will be working in a job with international, big customers.

Language, please!

NetKnights is located in Germany. Thus currently our internal language is German. We have a lot of German customers but also many customers worldwide. In these cases we speak English.

So you should be perfectly fluent in either of these two languages, preferrably in both.

We are eager to get to know you better, so click now! ;-)

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