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Python Developer for docs-as-code (Automotive) Full-time

Published at 2023-03-26 - Viewed: 2306 times - (useblocks GmbH) Dominika Lothary (Worldwide/Remote)

Job description

In the last years, useblocks has created a bunch of Open-Source tools for docs-as-code toolchains. These tools are getting more and more attention and the docs-as-code approach is starting to be used in engineering departments of Automotive companies all over the world.

Your job is to support this change inside the engineering departments of our customers. In most cases, this means collecting feature requests for our or someone else Open-Source tools and implementing these.

We support you to create your reputation in these Open-Source projects and become an important member of the related community.

You will get deep insights into processes, toolchains, and networks of Automotive companies and Open-Source projects.


  • Work on Sphinx-Needs and related Open-Source projects.
  • Create and maintain own Sphinx extensions.
  • Enhance Open-Needs.
  • Scale Sphinx-based customer projects with up to 2.000 users.
  • Prepare Sphinx-Needs-based concepts for SW development-related processes.
  • Maintain selected Open-Source projects and care about bug reports.
  • Understand the work and needs of SW architects, engineers, testers, integrators, and much more.


useblocks has an open and transparent salary model, which can be checked and configured online.

Job requirements

  • Python
  • Docs-as-code Tools (e.g. Sphinx)
  • CI / CD (e.g. GitHub actions)
  • Linux
  • Git
  • Javascript
  • PyTest

Project management and soft skills

  • OpenSource project infrastructure
  • English language
  • German language

Company description

useblocks is a German company that operates in the field of company internal processes, communication, and software solutions. We are focused on engineering-related companies and their development teams. Our solutions help engineers to build better products faster.

100% of our employees are engineers, and we try to contribute to Open-Source projects as much as possible. We create bug reports, analyze toolchain stacks, maintain projects and participate in conferences. We support our employees to create their own digital footprint in the Open-Source world and to become a brand outside each company’s borders.

The headquarter of useblocks is located in Munich, but we have employees and freelancers all over Europe. And also the teams of our customers are normally distributed all over the work. So we support 100% remote work, from everywhere and with working hours at any time.

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