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Communications, Partnerships and Funding Manager Part-time

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Kendraio is looking to hire up to two part-time employees to provide support across communications, partnerships and funding. We want to find passionate people who are interested in free open-source software, nonprofit organisations, data autonomy, and redesigning how humans interact with technology.


Communications and content management

  • Writing and managing newsletters (Mailchimp experience a plus).
  • Managing Kendraio’s messaging, branding, and tone of voice.
  • Copywriting and content management for social media, newsletters, articles, and websites.
  • Digital advertising experience a plus (Google Ads, Meta Ads, LinkedIn Ads).

Relationship building and management

  • Reaching out to and building strong relationships with: Kendraio’s current and potential partners/collaborators, philanthropists, conference organisers, sponsors, podcast hosts and more.
  • Embedding Kendraio in relevant community groups and being Kendraio’s main point of contact in these groups (for example Discord groups, online forums, and Slack channels).

Digital design

  • Creating image and video content for socials, YouTube, articles, websites and more.
  • Maintaining a consistent visual brand for Kendraio
  • Canva experience a plus.

Grant and philanthropic funding applications

  • Writing grant applications and securing funding from research grant bodies and philanthropic organisations.
  • Previous experience with grant funding applications is a plus.

Product research and development

  • Researching relevant technologies and documenting them in the context of Kendraio’s objectives.
  • Contributing to product development – if you have an idea of a challenge that Kendraio could address, we want you to explore it!

Project management and operations

  • Working with project management tools to ensure projects are documented and assigned to relevant members of the team.

Events management

  • Organising events, meetups, conference attendances, webinars and more.

Who we are looking for
At Kendraio we are looking for people who are:

  • Open minded, curious, and always learning.
  • Able to solve problems, don’t always need to be told what to do.
  • Seeking a heart-led purpose-led project with real beneficial societal impact.
  • Desire to be part of a team, no lone warriors.
  • Emotional intelligence – able to talk about feelings.
  • Ability to tolerate/embrace uncertainty and the unknown.
  • Available to work 2-4 days a week (note: hours are flexible and may vary from week to week).
  • Happy working remotely – we do not have an office!
  • UK based preferred. Would consider timezone GMT +/- 2.

About Kendraio
Kendraio is an independent nonprofit research project, building free open-source software. Our goals are to help individuals and groups save time on admin, reduce stress, and have complete ownership of their data and total control of how it is used.

We’re building Kendraio App, a highly customisable, no-code environment to explore how we could interact with technology with more personal control. Our focus is user centric design, portable data, privacy, interoperability, and enabling user configurable interfaces. We are designing this technology in collaboration with passionate people from a variety of sectors. We are building prototypes based on their real world challenges.

We are currently building working demos with partners, showcasing different use cases. If you dream of radically democratising how people use data, join our team. We’re a team working remotely, with very flexible hours and a purpose: empower people through their data.

Our team culture is very important. Humans first. Our goal is to build an inclusive and safe workplace. Healthy routines and not working overtime is encouraged. We are trying to build a diverse team that celebrates every team member’s individuality and values the different experience and viewpoint that each person brings.

Next steps
Read our website “” and articles “”, and watch our videos “” to understand what Kendraio is all about.

Then send your resume (as a PDF not Word) to alongside a short covering note letting us know how excited you are about the Kendraio mission and above all why that mission excites you (200 – 300 words). Please do not just repeat the words in this document back to us – but actually take a deep look at what we are building and what the implications are to society.

Based on experience we are able to pay an hourly rate between 20 and 60 GBP per hour.

Some useful resources
Most of Kendraio’s documents are publicly available, meaning that you are welcome to have a look at them. Here are some relevant resources that you may find helpful to your application. Note: all of these documents are works in progress.

  • Kendraio Outreach Handbook “”
  • Kendraio Values “—uQ3KOKZarBDOBhyE7TXoVRwA0iXK2o/edit?usp=sharing”
  • Kendraio Newsletter Handbook “”
  • Kendraio Style Guide “”

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