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Full-time Developers, Infrastructure Engineer, Project Manager
Published at 17.11.2018 - Viewed: 1234 times - Centro de Autonomía Digital in Quito, Ecuador

CAD is a non-profit organization working to improve privacy, security, and anonymity of individuals and collectives around the world. We do this primarily by building open source software and open hardware.

CAD is currently getting started in Quito, Ecuador, and we are looking for people to join us here. We have several open positions described in the list below.

For all roles, we are looking for people that respect diversity, have a collectivist mindset, are self-driving and have an interest in privacy and security – and the political role that privacy plays in the world. Further, being able to communicate in English is needed as well. We are an international organization with collaborators around the world.

If any of the following roles sounds interesting to you, please don’t hesitate to contact us! And if you’re uncertain if you have the right experience, but this all sounds interesting to you, contact us and we can have a conversation.


We are looking for several developers to join us. We are interested in at least one tech lead and several senior developers. But we are also open to more junior people who are interested in learning. The most important trait for all our developers is having initiative, curiosity and self-drive.

We are working in an agile environment, where testing and pair programming is part of our work. Experience with this way of working is helpful.

Experience with several different programming languages is helpful – especially low level languages such as C, Rust or Golang.

All the work we do is open source and free software – and we are active parts of these development communities, so experience with this kind of environment is also good to have.

The kinds of projects we take on range from very low level all the way to user centered. Knowledge about operating systems, network stacks, and protocols will also be useful in CAD.

Since we are looking for people with different experience levels, none of these are absolute requirements. We are most of all looking for good developers that quickly can pick up new things.

For senior and lead roles, we expect experience with architecture, a wider range of technical stacks and ability to lead technical work.

Infrastructure Engineer

In CAD, we try to manage our own infrastructure as much as possible. We believe in decentralization and autonomous systems, and this is reflected in our internal infrastructure. Further, we are always interested in experimenting with new technology and finding out better ways of doing our work, so we can spread that knowledge to other organizations and communities.

We need a person that will help us manage this infrastructure, both hardware and software, experiment with new solutions and also being interested in the development work we are doing.

We think that infrastructure-as-code is extremely important, that monitoring is a crucial element of successful infrastructure, and systems that work without major interventions.

For this role, we are looking for one or two people.

Project Manager

In order to fulfill our goals and deliver good privacy enhancing technologies to the world, we need help to manage our work. We expect to have several development projects at the same time, so we are looking for a project manager that is comfortable splitting their time between projects, helping teams self-manage their work, and keep an eye on the strategic view of the projects.

Having experience with agile software delivery is a strong plus for this role. We usually try to focus on low-ceremony styles of agile development, with inspiration taken from XP and Kanban.