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Open Source Sustainability Marketing & Fundraising Part-time

Published at 2019-09-03 - Viewed: 2651 times - Open Source Collective (Worldwide/Remote)

Seeking passionate open source sustainability advocate to take us to the next level, with skills in sales, marketing, partnerships, and fundraising.

The Open Source Collective is a non-profit working for the common interests of those who create and use open source software.

Companies get huge value from open source, but until now they’ve struggled to give back financially unless a project formed its own foundation. With us, they don’t have to! We as an umbrella organisation provide financial and legal infrastructure for thousands of open source projects, called Collectives. It’s like an API between the world of distributed collaboration and the world of banks and invoices.

What we need help with and why….

We’ve built a great community and service, and now we’re ready to scale up. We need someone who can help us increase funding to Collectives, grow the number of Collectives we serve, represent us at conferences and industry events, build strong relationships with sponsor companies, and help our upcoming initiatives reach their full potential.


Core contributors told us in a recent survey that they most want help with marketing and finding sponsors. But coders generally want to keep focused on their projects and communities, and often don’t have interest or experience in marketing and fundraising. We need to help make connections in a way that works for both Collectives and Sponsors.

We’re working on an extension to Back Your Stack, a tool for identifying and financially supporting dependencies in your software. You currently have to do this project by project, but soon supporters will be able to sign up to one monthly subscription for all their dependencies. We will collect the funds and distribute them to the projects. We need help with launching and marketing this service, to bring as many funders and projects on as possible.

Our current team members are based in Europe and New Zealand, so we miss out on a lot of events in other regions, especially the US where many of the biggest funders are based. We need someone to attend industry events and conferences to represent us and raise awareness of our offering.

We want to double the amount of funds coming in and double the number of active Collectives. Help us figure out how to get there.

You’d be great for this if you are:

  • Well-connected and experienced in the open source ecosystem.
  • A bridge between independent open source devs and tech companies.
  • Great at sales, marketing, and fundraising strategy and execution.
  • Located in the US and/or can travel regularly for events.
  • Thrive working autonomously with a fully remote team.
  • Excited about a challenge like doubling our numbers.

About working with us:

Hours and pay: flexible.

We will tailor this role collaboratively to suit the right person. Work-related expenses such as travel will be covered by us. We will engage with you as a contractor. Our starting point is part time, but this could be made a full time role for the right candidate.

Hourly pay rates are negotiable. On the one hand, we’re a small non-profit with limited funds. On the other hand, our mission is to make working on open source sustainable. If great results are achieved, this role should more than pay for itself, so we’re open to arrangements involving commission or other creative ideas.

Like the movement that we support, we value openness and transparency. We strive to create inclusive, respectful and sustainable communities. On our website you’ll find links to our transparent budget, board minutes, case studies, and Collective pages (whose budgets are all transparent too).

Want to Apply?

By Thursday 12 September, please email us about who you are, your experience and skills, and why you’re interested in this role. This can take the form of a traditional CV, your website, a video, or however you like to communicate.

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