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Python Big Data And AI Full-time

Published at 2018-02-14 - Viewed: 2492 times - Nexedi SA in Lille, France

Nexedi is looking for a Python developer interested in applications of the Wendelin out-of-core Big Data system to various industries : wind turbines, security, construction, office automation, etc.


  • Master Wendelin application framework
  • Master Wendelin out-of-core library
  • Master NEO distributed transactional NoSQL database
  • Master big data open source technologies such as numpy, scikit-learn, pandas, fluentd, embulk, myrocks, NEO, Wendelin
    Design beautiful reactive offline-capable data visualizations
  • Extend Wendelin and our html5 gadgets towards a big data appstore
  • Improve Wendelin and wendelin.core’s capabilities to analyse TBs of data
  • Apply model checking or programming proofs to NEO protocol


  • Contribute to big data projects for industry-leading clients
  • Contribute to open source projects such as Wendelin, Pandas, NumPy, scikit-learn, SlapOS, jIO and renderjs.
  • Contribute to research projects to build the future of our open source stack


  • Passionate, self-driven.
  • Willingness to contribute to an open source ecosystem and the Free Software community.
  • Very good programming skills in Python.
  • Good programming skills in Javascript.
  • Good software development skills (version control, testing, debugging).
  • Good command of English.

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