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About KDE

KDE is an international technology community dedicated to developing Free and Open Source Software. Contributions are made by thousands of talented volunteer developers, artists, marketers, translators, documentation writers, etc. worldwide, working on software such as a desktop environment, graphics applications, PIM apps, games, educational software, and more. KDE e.V. is the legal organization behind KDE, representing and supporting the community.

About the role

Every two to three years, KDE members democratically choose three new over-arching Goals to focus on, each with its own leadership. The goal’s work is done by volunteers who will rarely possess 100% of the project management skills needed to drive their goal to maximum success. That’s where you come in: whatever they lack, you’ll help provide—support, enthusiasm, promotion, community management, event planning, reminders and check-in meetings, you name it. We’re looking for someone proactive capable of identifying what the Goal Champions’ needs are and meeting them.

As such, the primary tasks of the Goals Project Coordinator include:

  • Generally drive the KDE Goals process through skill at motivating and managing volunteers.
  • Coordinate with Goal Champions to define actionable work packages for volunteer contribution by people of different levels of skill and time commitment.
  • Do outreach inside the KDE Community to identify community members who would enjoy working on the Goals, and pair them with appropriate work packages.
  • Identify outside grant-based funding opportunities relevant to Goals, introduce them to Goal Champions, and help with preparation and submission of grant proposals.
  • Coordinate with KDE’s promo team to promote progress on the Goals, and represent the KDE goals process publicly.
  • Help plan, organize, and facilitate development sprints and other meetings related to the Goals.
  • Support teams undertaking larger projects via coordination tasks.
  • Be proactive and come up with new ideas for how to make each Goal successful.
  • Manage the process of proposing and voting on new goals every two to three years.

Ideal qualifications and skills

  • Professional fluency in English
  • Technical project management skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills; ability to communicate with people as diverse as engineers, designers, and end users
  • Experience motivating volunteers to work on tasks in the context of Free Software projects or other nonprofit/volunteer-based organizations
  • Experience working in public as part of an open community
  • Use a Free Software operating system on your primary computing device—ideally running KDE Plasma!
  • History of contributions to KDE a plus

Administrative details

  • Type: Contract
  • Location: Remote
  • Salary: 33€/hr gross
  • Number of hours per week: 20

How to apply

Please send your application by email to kde-ev-board@kde.org with “KDE Goal Project Coordinator” in the subject line. Do not hesitate to contact us at the same address if you have any questions.

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