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Android Engineer Full-time

Published at 2018-11-27 - Viewed: 2473 times - Linaro in Cambridge, England, United Kingdom

This role will require international travel. Software Services Team Lead.

Software Services Team Summary

A software services team is a team composed of Linaro engineers, and possibly engineers from a specific customer. The team is formed to tackle a specific set of problems related to Linux and/or AOSP. The Android engineer will be an integral part of this team, focusing on device enablement and modification of the HAL to support the device and system architecture.

Job Summary

Your role will be to advise and collaborate on the development and submission upstream of changes to AOSP to support the customers device and architecture. You will primarily work in new device enablement, and with Android middleware frameworks and libraries. This is NOT an Android application development role.

Key responsibilities

  • Keenly understands enablement of new devices in AOSP, particularly AArch64 devices.
  • Provide the design and implementation of new device in AOSP.
  • Works with platform kernel specialists to ensure common AOSP frameworks and facilities are functioning correctly for solid system stability.
  • Collaborates well with other teams in Linaro and with upstream developers where appropriate.

Required skills and experience

  • Capacity to learn new systems and techniques quickly.
  • Excellent experience with AOSP device porting and middleware development.
  • Experience with AOSP related kernel components and drivers, in particular binder.
  • Solid understanding of AOSP permissions framework and Linux cgroups.
  • Ability to work closely with engineers at other organizations, providing code review, guidance and training.
  • Ability to be productive in a globally distributed team through self discipline and self motivation, delivering according to a schedule.
  • Strong English communication skills, especially over phone, email and IRC.

Desired skills and experience

  • Experience with Docker. A thorough understanding of Linux containers is an asset.
  • Familiarity with open source development tools and methodology.
  • Experience submitting code to upstream projects.


Team members are expected to participate in a team kickoff meeting, plus one or more development “sprints” involving international travel. Attendance at Linaro Connect events is also expected.

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